How big are some of our rug ranges?

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At Unitex we have ranges of all sizes, ranging from around 4 rugs up to over 40!
As a leading rug distributor it's important to have not only a huge range of design - but design that sells. This is no easy task and takes years of experience, research and planning in order to not only get quantity but quality.
The size of the collection depends on a few things, namely the age of the collection, how many new additions it has had over time, and the original intention of the creator.
Some brands such as Bluebellgrey and Brink & Campman add yearly additions to their ranges, thereby expanding their rug portfolio over time.

Large Ranges

An example of a particularly large and long standing range at Unitex can be found here and seen below within the City Collection (You'll need to be logged in to our B2B platform to view this link)

Large Rug Collection example

100% acrylic - Printed - Tufted - Hard wearing - 8mm pile height
Size - 160 X 110cm, 220 X 150cm, 280 X 190cm, 320 X 230cm

Small Ranges

Other ranges such as our recent addition "Havana" entered the scene with only 5 (gorgeous) rugs.
If a line up focuses on mainly only colour without an emphasis on pattern, this will often be the case.

havana rug range

70% Viscose / 30% Wool - 10mm pile - Hand Loomed
Size - 225 X 155cm, 280 X 190m, 320 X 230cm


Conveying an Idea

Quite a lot of our ranges are created with one idea in mind, without the need for further expansion.
The best pattern and colours are chosen for a particular idea - and then presented to you.
In cases such as the Spirit range by Rug Culture, this is exactly what happened!
Rug Culture excels at simply presenting a new idea based on current trends - without complicating a specific range with huge selections. To counter this they have an extremely varied and interesting range to choose from, each quite different to the last.

A range of different rug corner shots and colours


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