Ted Baker Rugs - An exclusive Australian Unitex partnership

Posted by Toby Gospodarczyk on

New brands at Unitex always get us excited. But this time is a little different.

Ted Baker has joined us in an exclusive partnership, ready to provide us in the absolute cutting edge of designer rug trends - from their peacock inspired 'paisley' rug, to the stunningly vibrant 'shadow floral', we guarantee there's going to be something in this range you're going to fall in love with.

Take a quick look at this new 2016 range below, or login to our B2B portal to see the entire range with pricing!

Ted Baker Pink Felt Rug Shag

Ted Baker Paisley Peacock rug

Ted Baker Floral Printed Rug

Ted Baker has obviously delivered their blend of award winning design in the form of fashion for the floor and we can hardly wait to see what's next! What's more is the depth and variety in a single range they have presented right off the bat - showing that they truly have what it takes to be up there with the rest of our top brands already on offer at Unitex.


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