MYOB case study on the success of Unitex International

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"Over several years, Unitex International grew to one of Australia’s leading wholesale businesses. But there came a time when it’s older systems needed a boost. MYOB EXO gave Unitex the flexibility and depth it needed to survive into its next stage of growth."



Unitex Background

Awhile ago, we realized that due to our growth - we were going to be needing some serious upgrades in order to maintain the high level of service our clients have come to expect.


 With Growth, Comes Problems

too big

When dealing with high volume sales and orders, the ability for our platforms to scale accordingly is a must. We decided to tackle this problem head on, and early.


 With Planning, Solutions are Found

seamlessly integrated

Choosing a platform involves two parts. The platform, and the integration partners.
One of our main criteria was that the transition should be as seamless as possible in order to be able to minimize business disruption.
After much research a choice was made to go with MYOB - and Kilimanjaro Consulting was found.


The Results are in the Rugs

success with myob

Inventory management has become a dream, and Unitex International has been able to grow to its hearts content without having to worry about hitting barriers and limitations due to our implementation of MYOB EXO. The sky is now the limit!


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