What’s hot in Australian rug retail?

Posted by Toby Gospodarczyk on

Here’s one of our top three rug collections this Winter!

City Red Rug

We’ll be doing a few short mentions of our top collections this September, the first being the ‘City Collection’. An extremely varied range available at Unitex, and one of our best sellers.

With colourful and bright geometics, simple striped patterns, and washed out artistic effects – this collection has been a massive hit due to it being able to offer something for everyone from all walks of life.

An example of this seen on the right is the Cit – 558 Red which captures modern design, high quality rug construction, and offering both of these features at a very affordable price point.

Check out page 44 of the unitex 2015 brochure to see the full City range and order online with our B2B ordering system! Find it on our main page here under 'log in'.




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