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Unitex presents a stunning cowhide range available in all natural variations such as Black and White, Salt and Pepper, Chocolate and Brindle.

Sourced from the highest quality ranges in Brazil, well known for their consistently outstanding leather products and long lasting durable cow hide exports.

Tea on TablePictured within our catalogue are typical examples of the gorgeous colour varieties available exclusively with Unitex Rugs.

Due to these being real one of a kind cow hide rugs, please expect some variation in patterning as no two are the same!

The perfect rug to put your feet up and relax with a cup of herbal tea.

, these rugs leave a lasting impression. Even at a glance, these cow hide rugs are obviously the real deal!

Being real leather, cowhide rugs are remarkably durable and are not as prone to wear and tear over time as other rugs can be - even in high trafficked rooms and environments.

The perfect addition to many Australian homes, cow hide rugs sell strongly all year round and make a great alternative to retailers looking to increase the variety of stock on hand! 

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At Unitex we have ranges of all sizes, ranging from around 4 rugs up to over 40!
As a leading rug distributor it's important to have not only a huge range of design - but design that sells. This is no easy task and takes years of experience, research and planning in order to not only get quantity but quality.
The size of the collection depends on a few things, namely the age of the collection, how many new additions it has had over time, and the original intention of the creator.
Some brands such as Bluebellgrey and Brink & Campman add yearly additions to their ranges, thereby expanding their rug portfolio over time.

Large Ranges

An example of a particularly large and long standing range at Unitex can be found here and seen below within the City Collection (You'll need to be logged in to our B2B platform to view this link)

Large Rug Collection example

100% acrylic - Printed - Tufted - Hard wearing - 8mm pile height
Size - 160 X 110cm, 220 X 150cm, 280 X 190cm, 320 X 230cm

Small Ranges

Other ranges such as our recent addition "Havana" entered the scene with only 5 (gorgeous) rugs.
If a line up focuses on mainly only colour without an emphasis on pattern, this will often be the case.

havana rug range

70% Viscose / 30% Wool - 10mm pile - Hand Loomed
Size - 225 X 155cm, 280 X 190m, 320 X 230cm


Conveying an Idea

Quite a lot of our ranges are created with one idea in mind, without the need for further expansion.
The best pattern and colours are chosen for a particular idea - and then presented to you.
In cases such as the Spirit range by Rug Culture, this is exactly what happened!
Rug Culture excels at simply presenting a new idea based on current trends - without complicating a specific range with huge selections. To counter this they have an extremely varied and interesting range to choose from, each quite different to the last.

A range of different rug corner shots and colours


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Gumball is headed to Unitex!

The Gumball range gets its name from an enchantingly unique textured ball design, with each individual ball being felted by hand and expertly stitched together. Consisting of a myriad of exciting colours - this rug is playful, fun, and the perfect answer to a space looking for both texture and colour.

For more information please contact our friendly team on 02 9669 6317 or e-mail us at

Available in round -  120x120 cm, 150 x 150 cm, 90 x 90 cm

Available in rectangle -  130 x 70 cm, 160 x 110 cm, 220 x 150 cm
Construction - Hade Made, Hand Stitched, 30 mm Pile

Origin - Made in India

Round Gumball Rug

Available in round and rectangular sizing, this rug is going to be creating a stir this 2016!

gumball rectangle rug

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Here at Unitex, we've been gearing up for the new year.

In a nutshell, this means improved workflow process, further streamlining our ordering and accounts systems in preparation for future growth and perhaps most importantly of all...

... new rug ranges!

An incredible amount of careful planning, research, time, consideration and love has been put in to selecting our new standout modern, vintage, Scandinavian and designer ranges for 2016 that our valued customers can view and order in our B2B portal.

Here's a rundown on what we have to offer to supply to you this coming year at the best wholesale prices available in Australia:


Geometrics with the Matrix collection

The Matrix collection portrays dazzling patterns and shapes in a huge range of colour with each piece being remarkably different to the last. Diamond, jagged and pyramid geometrics are just a few of the arrangements on offer within the Matrix collection. A hand tufted range that boasts 100% high quality wool and a luxurious 20mm pile with an array of shapes and sizes - being available in rectangular, runner and even circular ranges.


Matrix collection


The Anastasia Collection

An elegant portrayal of delicate patterns with a hint of classical charm. The all-new transitional designs showcase a soft abrash effect, silky smooth touch and on-trend colours unique to the Unitex range.
Styled by our top performing brand ‘Rug Culture’, this collection is set to be one of our top sellers this coming year. 
100% Heat Set Polypropylene, machine made, and available in six different variations, three of which are shown below.


Anastasia Blue


Anastasia Ivory


Anastasia Pastel Rug

New 2016 Atrium

Leather and Jute are introduced to the Atrium range this 2016, along with a re-imagining of our past classic round variants. Featured is a masterful blend of simple yet captivating design that doesn’t stray from the winning formula of our current Atrium range.


New Atrium Jute and Leather Rugs 2016 Style shots with Bunting and Delta


Atrium 2016 Rugs


Rug Culture presents Havana, our most luxurious new arrival yet...

Skillfully hand loomed - Havana evokes style, luxury and sophistication with it’s clean finish and silky soft texture. This premium range is available in 5 natural hues, each featuring a subtle two tone effect which promotes an organic look and feel. We are loving this stand out new addition to the Rug Culture range!

Havana Viscose and Wool Rug in White

Spirit captures the essence of Summer

Diamond and Chevron patterning paired with pastels along with all new green, red and blue Bohemian styling make this range the perfect match up for an Australian Summer.
Spirit patterned pieces are made with a soft blend of Chenille and Cotton, whilst the bohemian styling is made of Recycled Cotton and is fully reversible!

 Spirit Range chevron and bohemian


The Twilight Range

Twilight brings to our range a luxurious charm and exciting selection of six elegant colours. Made with 100% quality viscose, this rug will ’wow’ with a sumptuously soft pile and a stylish finish that will glow under lights. The subdued colour palette is designed to complement and lift your decor, making this range perfectly suited to both modern and classic style settings. 100% super soft viscose, Hand loomed, Cotton backing.

Twilight range


Ted Baker

Further to our recent write up here, we have to mention Ted Baker rugs again. They're just too gorgeous not to talk about! If you're wanting to see the whole collection, just login to our B2B platform, click 'designer rugs' on the left hand side and then 'Ted Baker'.
Alternatively, just find the banner up the top once you've logged in and click it!

Ted Baker is going to be one hot range this 2016 so be sure to educate yourselves on what's on offer from this new brand in order to keep up with the trends. This brand is big news!


Ted Baker Rugs



Despite being an extremely fresh new brand from London, Asiatic is already making waves in retail stores Australia wide - demonstrating even early on that this brand is going to get along just fine despite having only recently landed on Australian soil.

Taking the latest trends in pastels and shapes - Asiatic has transformed them into something unique and different to any other brand out there.
Check them out on our B2B page, you won't be disappointed.  


Asiatic Rugs


New Brink & Campman

There's just too much to show here for what's new with Brink & Campman as they encompass other popular brands such as Scion, Morris & Co, Ted Baker, and BluebellGrey - all of which have brand new additions this 2016! We'll be talking more about these rugs later so that we can give them the attention and spotlight they truly deserve.


New Brink & Campman


This has been a condensed preview of all the new rugs we have on offer. 
As always, we're available to answer any questions you may have on these exciting additions so just send us a line on our contact page and we'll get right back to you!

Ted Baker Rugs - An exclusive Australian Unitex partnership Posted on 08 Dec 15:48 , 0 comments

New brands at Unitex always get us excited. But this time is a little different.

Ted Baker has joined us in an exclusive partnership, ready to provide us in the absolute cutting edge of designer rug trends - from their peacock inspired 'paisley' rug, to the stunningly vibrant 'shadow floral', we guarantee there's going to be something in this range you're going to fall in love with.

Take a quick look at this new 2016 range below, or login to our B2B portal to see the entire range with pricing!

Ted Baker Pink Felt Rug Shag

Ted Baker Paisley Peacock rug

Ted Baker Floral Printed Rug

Ted Baker has obviously delivered their blend of award winning design in the form of fashion for the floor and we can hardly wait to see what's next! What's more is the depth and variety in a single range they have presented right off the bat - showing that they truly have what it takes to be up there with the rest of our top brands already on offer at Unitex.


The Spirit of Summer Posted on 16 Nov 10:21 , 0 comments

In case you missed it - the new spirit range from Rug Culture mixing it up with three different themes in a single collection.
Bohemian says summer like no other, with blue, red and green to choose from. Made from Recycled cotton, this eco friendly rug is ready to win over the hearts of countless Australians this warm season.
Hand loomed diamond and chevron patterning make an appearance in six different colour variations of black, grey, navy, pink, turquoise and yellow - a great mix of dark and lights. Cotton and Chenile bring softness and charm.
All rug variations come in 220 x 150cm or 270 x 180cm.

Anastasia - A collection to remember Posted on 02 Nov 16:33 , 0 comments



 Traditional heirloom rug

At Unitex, we're gearing up for the new year and have a lot going on behind the scenes. What does that mean for you? New collections!

A total of eleven new designs under the name of Anastasia make their way into the Unitex collection just in time for another year of trade. A whimsical range that blends faded colours into unexpected and exciting new design using polyester and polypropylene!

This range is expected to be one of our top sellers next year, so contact us on our contact page  to get the full range and more info.

Shape: Rectangular
230x160cm, 290x200cm, 330x240cm

100% Heat Set Polypropylene and Polyester




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cow hide rug cleaning


They look great, they're durable, and great for high traffic areas. What's not to love?
Regardless, as with any type of rug they still do need to be cleaned from time to time - and these rugs need to be cleaned a little differently to your classic wool type rugs.

Lets take a look at the best ways to clean a cow hide rug!


Cow Hide Rug Cleaning: General Information

- Cow hides have a natural grip on their underside and therefore don't really need rug pads to help keep them in place. Because of this, you'll find a fair bit of variation in where these types of rugs live. This type of rug is found on Tiles, vinyl, wood, carpet, and even on the patio.
That being said, it's not a great idea to place this type of rug in direct sun or wet areas due to the slightly more organic nature of the rug. If you leave the rug under direct sunlight too much, the leather may shrink and cause the ends to roll up a little.

- If this rug type is placed in a high traffic area, be sure to rotate it occasionally to help even out the traffic marks.

- Vacuuming is great for this rug, along with the occasional shake out whilst outside. Combing the rug in the same direction as their hairs will help to loosen them up and keep a soft feel, along with getting rid of any dirt you may have missed.

- The longer you leave a spill on the rug, the longer it will have to be absorbed into the leather underneath. That's not a good thing! Do your best to soak up any excess liquid quickly, but while doing so, avoid soaking the leather underneath. A non alkaline soapy solution is best for this (water and shampoo).

- Remove odour and balance the PH levels of the cowhide rug by wiping it with a damp cloth that has been bathed in 5% vinegar and 95% water.

- Cow hides can not be hand or machine washed or dry cleaned.

- All of the above also applies to patchwork cow-hide rugs.


Easy quick guide for liquid stains


Type of Spill

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Cloth

Visible Puddle


Paper Towel or Dry Cloth

Stain or Hardened Crust

Non-alkaline Soap or Detergent

Water and Organic White Vinegar

Damp Cotton Cloth



Removing food stains

A spoon, knife or brush will do the job here. Scrape in the direction of the fibres. Once the majority of the food has gone, use a damp cloth bathed in either

a) Non alkaline solution

b) 5% vinegar and 95% water

Once done, use a cloth bathed in only water to rinse out the solution. Again, try not to drown the leather underneath.


Removing Grease stains

Use the initial scraping method as mentioned above, but for the actual solution - use organic eucalyptus oil. Remove this oil with water once done.


Steam Cleaning

This is an option, but should only be used if the rug is well and truly in need of a good clean that you feel you can't do yourself! If you choose this option - the rug may get damp but not wet. Make sure to dry the rug very well and keep an eye on it to ensure that it doesn't get too dry.

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Trends change with the seasons, and as we go from Winter to Spring - you'll start to see changes in customer buying habits! Here's our top 3 rug picks this spring.

Skandi - Flat Weave

Close up shots of scandinavian rug

The Skandinavian range was a top seller in winter but as we've moved into Sping we're only just now starting to see its full selling potential.

Expertly hand knotted in India, this 100% Wool rug range comes in a variety of trending patterns and colours including Grey, White, Navy and Multi-colour along with being available in 225 x 155 cm, 280 x 190 cm, 320 x 230 cm sizing!

View the range here in the Winter 2015 Catalogue:

Coastal - Hand Loomed

Coastal Blue Spring RugThe Coastal rug is both an excellent Spring and Summer rug.
Made of Recycled PVC, it has the durability to withstand the harsh Australian Summer sun, easily washed, and holds colour exceedingly well - making the coastal a true outdoor rug.

Available in 220 X 150cm, 270 X 180cm sizing.
View the catalogue here!

Atrium - Hand Braided

The popular Atrium range will soon new atrium 2016 rugshave some new additions this Spring/Summer. No longer limited to round rug design - this unique Jute and Leather rug combo is expected to perform amazingly well.
Available in both rectangular and runner sizing, this range now has even more flexibility and ability to match consumer tastes.

Keep in mind this range is coming soon!


If you have any further questions about which rugs perform well around Spring time in Australia - give us a call on 02 9669 6317.
We'd love to help you out.


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"Over several years, Unitex International grew to one of Australia’s leading wholesale businesses. But there came a time when it’s older systems needed a boost. MYOB EXO gave Unitex the flexibility and depth it needed to survive into its next stage of growth."



Unitex Background

Awhile ago, we realized that due to our growth - we were going to be needing some serious upgrades in order to maintain the high level of service our clients have come to expect.


 With Growth, Comes Problems

too big

When dealing with high volume sales and orders, the ability for our platforms to scale accordingly is a must. We decided to tackle this problem head on, and early.


 With Planning, Solutions are Found

seamlessly integrated

Choosing a platform involves two parts. The platform, and the integration partners.
One of our main criteria was that the transition should be as seamless as possible in order to be able to minimize business disruption.
After much research a choice was made to go with MYOB - and Kilimanjaro Consulting was found.


The Results are in the Rugs

success with myob

Inventory management has become a dream, and Unitex International has been able to grow to its hearts content without having to worry about hitting barriers and limitations due to our implementation of MYOB EXO. The sky is now the limit!


View the full article here!