Rug Construction Technique Differences

There's a world of difference between a handmade rug and a machine made rug.
Ultimately, technology is in some ways still catching up to handmade rugs but even then - it will never place the unique one of a kind craftsmanship, time and love that goes into a handmade rug!

Hand Knotted

Durability - 20 Years and over
Construction time - Usually five to seven months

Hand knotted rugs should be pretty durable and be able to last 20 years. On top of that, they do still have the one of a kind aspect to them because they are individually crafted by hand. Explaining this to a customer can help to justify the price as they do tend to be slightly more expensive than machine made.
Predominantly made of Wool, Jute or Cotton and able to have much more intricate patterning than other rug types due to
a) The way they're made knot by knot
b) Wool and Cotton are great at holding dyes

You can also normally tell the level of craftsmanship of the rug by the amount of detail in the patterning of a hand knotted rug.

Flat Weave

Durability - 20 years and over
Construction time - Three to four months

These rugs have no hard backing, so normally the 'fully reversible' aspect is great to use in a sale. This means it's easy to just turn over sometimes to help prevent fading, and build up of too much dirt or dust. Patterning is the same on both sides.
So easy to clean because they're light - you can usually just take them outside and give them a good shake once in awhile.
The affordability of these types of rugs is usually great, bar some of the big brand name ones such as the Gusto rug due to even more intricate flat-weaving methods!

Hand Tufted Rugs

Durability - 10 years and over
Construction time - 3 to 5 months or so

These rugs are a more cost effective alternative to hand knotted rugs, but price will change quite a lot depending on the types of materials used.
They also don't require as much skill to make as hand knotted rugs, as essentially the maker is using a tufting 'gun' to shoot stands of fibre into the canvas. Prior to this, a design or template is drawn out to follow as a guideline for the artisan.
Pattern and design can still be great, but these rugs tend to not last quite as long as other rug types!

Machine Made Rugs

Durability - Over 20 years
Construction time - Two or three months

Despite not being one of a kind, they're consistent, and they do their job well without any flaws. Some limitations are that they normally aren't able to have intricate design unless using the printed method as seen in BlueBellGray rugs.
Wool is often used in these types of rugs, adding to their durability, feel, and flawless look.
Machine made rugs will usually have a simple design, which makes them a good recommendation for customers with more modern settings.
By having a computer programmed to weave strands into a thin mesh backing, costs are able to be reduced and construction time shortened.
If a rug looks a little too perfect in design, chances are it's a machine made!