All about Rug Fibres

Explain the difference between fibres and which one is right for the customers situation, and you'll be able to create a huge sense of trust and loyalty.

Here are the main points of each fibre:


- Good for the family room, living room, play room.
- Not good for outdoor use and damp areas.
- Attracts dust easily, so vacuum regularly!
- Eco-friendly
- Soft but fairly strong. Just be mindful that they can wear a bit faster than other fibre types.


- Good for office use, if you don't mind the lack of a soft pile. Sound dampening, strong, anti static, very cheap. Due to the anti static properties, it's less likely to attract dust and dirt.
- Don't get these wet, as they're a natural fibre. One of, if not the strongest fibres within the plant based fibre range.
- Eco-friendly
- Adds texture to a space
- Pretty hypo allergenic, another great feature for an office setting.
- Don't have to worry about colour fading, as usually dyes aren't used.


- Very Affordable
- Another eco-friendly fibre!
- Very similar properties to Sisal in that Jute is anti static and sound dampening.
- Accepts dyes well, and has the ability to be blended with other fibres.
- Our Rug Culture range excels in producing great quality Jute rugs.


- Flexible. Suits a wide range of purposes, more suitable for outdoor than most fibres because they're washable but this can depend on the backing of the rug. For example the backing of the Marquee rug from Rug Culture is not jute and therefore completely water resistant.
- Affordable. Sometimes on par and in the same price range of Jute and Sisal rugs.
- Quality. It's important to stress to the customer that there's been advancements in Polypropylene quality in recent years. Heat Set Polypropylene is miles ahead of the old methods!


- Similar to Wool in both look and feel. Your customers may be surprised!
- Not susceptible to moth damage, resists static and stains, easy to clean.
- Good for the kitchen area as they dry quickly. They'll often have a cotton backing though, so don't get them too wet.