Accessories and sale potential

Supermarkets strategically place items at certain heights and positioning, all the way down to carefully selecting which small impulse buy items you'll see at checkout.

If you’re not doing the same, why not?

It’s a huge opportunity to increase your revenue, especially for those customers looking for ‘a complete look’. Show off the potential look a customer can have by appropriately accessorizing with the right rugs, pillows, poufs or anything else that works!
They'll add colour, flair and visual interest, take up minimal floor space, and above all else – help to maximize your sale potential.
Even if you don’t make additional sales on the spot then and there – the chance that they will come back to complete their look at a later date will be quite high.

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3 Great Reasons to Sell Accessories

1. Helps to complete a Room

• Show off your full ranges with a great accessory showcase
• The improved look and feel will completely change your customers perception of your store for the better
• Accessories are lower cost than your main item, but improve the look of your higher cost items

2. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

• Even if customers don’t realize it, they may be wanting to accessorize. How many times have you gone shopping and left with twice as many bags as you expected?
• A wider perceived area of knowledge spanning multiple accessory range can help elevate your status as an authority on rugs
• This all boils down to trust, helping generate repeat business

3. Increase your revenue!

• Create additional sales by strategically placing accessories along with your big sale items. Make sure it’s obvious they’re for sale too!
• Increase your overall sales
• The value of your main items such as rugs will be perceived as higher

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